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Dear Friend,

Do you ever look around and connect earthly things to heavenly things? Jesus must have! That’s why His parables flowed from lessons hidden all around His creation. Today, I’m writing to you about recognising the signs of the current season to prepare for an outpouring. Just as you read environmental elements to prepare for a season, you should understand what heralds spiritual seasons.

As it happened in the days of Jesus, so it is now. Therefore, when God wants to visit the earth, you will see four (4) elements expressed through different people. Pay attention to the heart and fruit of these elements and align your heart and purpose accordingly.

How to prepare for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit

John the Baptist

Known by many titles—prophet, baptiser, preacher, forerunner, and even cousin to Jesus—John was a key figure in the coming of our Lord (‭‭John‬ ‭5:35-36). The Bible says John came in the spirit of Elijah. Similarly, today, some people herald the coming of a new move of God. Just as John’s message seemed hard to the people, the messages of these heralds are often hard. This is because they are tilling hearts in preparation for God’s move. When you hear or see heralds, don’t scoff at them. They are playing their role in building up the body.

‘Jesuses’ on the Street

Is it not interesting that right on the heel of John came Jesus, whose approach and character seemed to be the opposite of John’s (Matthew 11:4-6)? God works in myriad ways, even today. Some come in like Spirit to wash hearts with love, the gospel of the Kingdom, and lowly service that show us the Father. Beware of looking down on them though, for these same ones show up powerfully in power and glory, like Christ.

Sadducees, Pharisees, and Scribes

They have the letter but not the Spirit. In the time of Christ, this category of people had spent their lives studying about the Messiah and waiting for Him. Yet, the Bible tells us they rejected Jesus when He came. They didn’t recognise Him because of their proud hearts. Today, these ones can be likened to people with a religious spirit. They know the doctrine and the scripture but have missed out on the Holy Spirit behind it, so they cannot interpret it correctly and they lack love (John 5:39-42). 

The Disciples

The final element to look out for during a move of God is ‘disciples’. The gospel of the Kingdom did not spread through the world until after Christ’s ascension. Despite His divinity, Christ entrusted the disciples with the work of preaching to the ends of the earth (Matthew 28:19). A disciple is a multiplier; they take what is given, and they hand it out to many others.

We see a physical example of this when Christ fed crowds (Matthew 14:13-21; Matthew 15:29-39). Christ blessed and broke the hitherto limited bread, then handed it to the disciples. As they shared it, the food multiplied. So does the Word in the mouth of a disciple. Therefore, leaders must pay heed to what they give disciples, just as disciples must pay heed to what they receive. As God moves, ensure that only what He gives is being handed by you to others and vice versa. This is how the true gospel—the Good News—multiplies worldwide as we prepare for an outpouring

So, dear friend, I encourage you to be sober and vigilant this season. Discern where God has called you to operate, and take your place. The road to discernment starts in prayer that flows from a meek heart. As we humble ourselves, we eliminate anything in us that does not align with God’s move. Don’t be in the category of Sadducees, Pharisees, and Scribes; instead, go beyond the letter and into intimacy. Seek God for His Kingdom and not just for His gifts. Remember, as the Word says in Acts 2:39, “The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call.”

The Outpouring is not an event or concert but a movement, an agenda of the Spirit. On this platform, the Holy Spirit will pour out Himself without measure. The promise is to everyone. The promise is to you.

Keep these four (4) things in mind as you enter into God’s new move and prepare for an outpouring:

1. Circumcise your heart: get rid of iniquity, unforgiveness, and other sins
2. Consecrate yourself: choose to love and serve God
3. Be Expectant: ask, and you will receive
4. Seek His heart: Pray that your eyes will be open to His purpose for you in this time


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  • Okikiola Dorcas says:

    Thank you so much Man Of God, may God Almighty continue to use you and may you always be relevant sir. God bless you 🙏💯

  • Jerome says:

    God bless and continually keep you Sir. May your well be ever fresh and far away from corruption that our Lord will reap daily 100% in the name of Jesus

  • Christ-Elle says:

    This note was very helpfill for me as a worship leader in my church…in Paris…thanks you MOG… And God bless you 🙏🙏🙏

  • Richard Edem says:

    Hmmm, great!
    I pray for you brother Dunsin, that, through out this outpouring movement, the Holy spirit will brood over every darkness in the heart of people, and cause His face to shine upon you. The Lord be gracious to you and give you peace.

  • Oluwabusuyi Opeoluwa says:

    God bless you richly sir. May you be continually filled with new wine more and more in Jesus name.

  • Daddy God bless and continue to reveal himself through you in Jesus name

  • Thank you for this sir
    More unction to function🔥🔥

  • Enoch Folorunso says:

    As much as this is a spiritually inciting word, you’re also a good writer sir. Thank you.

  • Oluwafunmilayo says:

    Wow! I needed to read this. God bless you Sir.

  • Olanrewaju Marvellous says:

    Thanks for yielding to God.

    You are a blessing to our lives and the Kingdom.

    I’m blessed by this piece.

  • Melody says:

    Thanks for sharing and encouraging me i appreciate it. i also pray God will continue to pour out is anointing an power upon you as you bring glorify and honour to his name and he will bless you, your family and ministry richly and grant you the disire of your heart.🙏💛🙏

  • Uche says:

    Thanks for sharing sir.
    More Grace

  • Ebong Samuel says:

    glory !!!Soldiers for Christ

  • Folorunso Damilola favour says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful exhortation may the Lord continue to pour his anointing and grace upon you sir

  • fannylealee says:

    Thank You Heavenly
    Thank you minister Dunsin Oyekan,
    I love your commitment in the works Of God, I pray to God to have a firm Prayer life and to be on fire for God, my generation must hear my voice Amen Amen

  • Celestine Nelson says:

    Powerful… knowing fully well that a yielded Man has no will of his own, we must labour more in prayer and study of the word to align ourselves with this great moves. Eternity beckons…I have seen the arrangements in the spirit…the stage is set and saints are being presented/advised to the congregation…you must not be left out

  • Mary oyier says:

    Thank Minister Dunsin. May the Lord continue blessing. Through your Album THE EXPERIENCE I received healing.
    When my son was Very sick we listened to your YouTube channel for hours and today the doctors were able to Diagonize his ailment and treated.
    I thank God you shared your account and this will make me part of your Alter.
    Thank you n thank you Sir as you continue in Jesus Mighty Name.

  • David Akatakpo says:

    Thank you very much sir. Reading this today has really changed my paradigm. Indeed I’ve been blessed by it.

  • Edidiong Nse says:

    Thanks Sir for putting up this timely piece which will evidently edify the body of Christ.

    More Grace !

  • Kalu Precious says:

    Bless your heart Sir
    We anticipate The Outpouring in Port Harcourt looking forward to it

  • Oluwaferanmi says:

    the right word i need.
    Thank you Sir.

  • Vickywealth says:

    So nice and powerful

  • Roland Nelson says:

    Grace upon grace into you sir. Thank you for the immense sacrifice…

  • Thank you very much sir
    God bless you sir

  • Deborah Patrick says:

    The Outpouring is indeed not a Concert, but a move of God in our time and for this generation. The unity of faith and the collapse of denomination walls is a big threat to the kingdom of darkness…
    Hey!!! We will so depopulate hell and people of all tribes, language and nations shall come to the knowledge of Christ….
    Multiplied grace to you minister Dunsin.

  • Kzeal says:

    You are indeed a gift to this generation. Good bless you and enrich you gracefully Sir. Thank you so much and Glory to God. 🤍💎

  • Abayomi Olaoluwa Samuel says:

    God bless you sir. Thank you for the insight… I pray that your anointing will never be shorten or lacking in Jesus Name. More revelations from the Father to the earth in Jesus Name. Amen

  • Olubukola Akinleye says:

    May your anointing continue to overflow sir.
    Pls how or what do we need to do to bring OUTPOURING to Chicago Illinois?

  • Grace DG says:

    ‘The Outpouring is not an event or concert but a movement, an agenda of the Spirit’.
    Dear Papa,
    Thanks for these words of truth and life. I pray for you that your fountain shall not run dry in Jesus name. You will not diminish in life. The fountain of life himself shall continue to be your source. Amen.
    I pray that my eyes will be open to His (the lord’s) purpose for me in this time. Amen.
    I love you and I celebrate you papa.

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